Strong women in A.I.: a pop-art story

Challenge: announce to and engage women from different regions to join a panel on Artificial Intelligence, women empowerment, technological development, and ethics.

The visual identity and graphic outputs for the global panel Girl Trouble: Breaking Through The Bias in A.I. were built upon visual references that were relevant to the age group of target attendees along with a twist on the gender roles told by “standard” pop art (women occupying secondary roles and dependent of male figures) vs. the proposed visuals where women are active and independent (re)builders of technology. Multilingual social media cards were designed in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese, for online channels in two main sets: variations of the key illustration (16 cards) and quotes from panelists (60 cards).

More than 155,000 users were reached organically via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and over 30,000 people viewed the event live on YouTube.

Visuals for different social media in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese

60 Social media cards with quotes in all languages